The BumBee Seat - A new fold flat seat design!

The 'BumBee Seat’ is a Fun New Product Design that is the Ultimate Seating Gadget on Wheels for your Garden, Office, Home, Painting, Gaming, Dog Grooming, Garage, Detailing, BBQ and Tailgating Activities!

Funded on September 19th, 2015 & 100% Fulfilled! Follow 'The BumBee Seat' by clicking the Green Kickstarter Project Page Link Button below!!!

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the new crowdfunding campaign for the BumBee Seat on Indiegogo is now live!

The BumBee Seat is a Fresh, Fun & Flexible Design Created in the Silicon Valley of California where blending work & play is a way of life!

Serious investors can learn more about BumBee Designs Incorporated and the patented BumBee Seat by contacting [email].